Driveway Sealcoating & Repair


here is a wide range in sealant quality on the market today. Don’t be fooled by ‘budget sealants’. They will not beautify, protect, or last nearly as long as premium industrial grade asphalt sealant. carries the highest quality sealant possible with the perfect mix of the best additives for your climate. industrial grade pavement sealer will slow the damaging oxidation from the sun, prevent water penetration and improve appearance. Routine maintenance of your driveway can more than double the life of your asphalt.


Crack Sealing premium rubberized crack sealer is heated to a liquid, at 400 degrees, and poured into structural cracks. The hot rubber is scraped out by hand and allowed to cool, sealing the crack and protecting it from water penetration and freeze/thaw damage. The specialized rubber remains pliable in harsh winter temperatures, resisting splitting and further degradation. There are no viable do-it-yourself options for high quality crack filler.


Sealcoat and crackfillers protect, preserve and beautify; they do not repair or ‘fix’ significant problems. If you have more seriously damaged asphalt, your local Sealcoat franchise can offer simple patchwork and participating locations provide more extensive repair services like hot asphalt saw cut repairs, sunken apron replacements, overlay repairs and full paving services. Are you unsure what is needed? Contact your locally owned and operated Sealcoat office and they will give you honest advice on what can and cannot be done. 508-353-1718